Are you planning to visit Japan for the first time? This article is written based on the problems you will face during your trip to Japan including things to know before going to japan. Don’t get crazy, only for you I have figured out this ultimate Japan travel guide. Please read this article before you arrive in Japan. Oh wait a bit! I want you to explore the most important things you should not do when visiting Japan as well. Your Japan holiday is going to be one of the best memorable trips you will have in your life if you know all these travel facts in advance.


Mount Fuji, Japan. Photo credit: Melanie M at Flickr through Creative Commons licensing.

Japan is an extremely beautiful country though you have to prepare for some problems that you would face during your Japan trip. It does not matter whether you want to see Koyo (Autumn colors) festival or Hanami Matsuri. It is going to be a big challenge for you to handle. Today I would like to share these travel tips you must know when you visit Japan.Mount Fuji, Japan